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Experience the art of color with Shree Krishna Ultramarine Pigments. We specialize in crafting vibrant pigments, transforming your creative visions into vivid reality. Explore excellence in every hue.

Ultramarine Blue Pigments

Established in 1985, Shree Krishna Ultramarine Pigments (P) Limited stands as a prominent manufacturer of Inorganic Pigments, specializing in Pigment Ultramarine Blue, Pigment Ultramarine Violet, and Pigment Ultramarine Pink. Our innovative range also includes Pigment Ultramarine Blue Tablets/Cubes, ideal for various high-performance industrial applications.

We offer Ultramarine Blue solutions for plastics, paints, inks, PVC, EVA, masterbatches, textiles, rubber, polyolefins, water-based applications, and universal use. Our product line features Pigment Blue 29, Pigment Violet 15, Pigment Blue 15, and Ultramarine Pink Pigment V 15, ensuring a comprehensive range to meet diverse industry needs. With decades of expertise, we are committed to delivering top-notch Ultramarine Pigments tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us for superior quality and cutting-edge solutions in Ultramarine Pigments.

Our Ultramarine Blue pigment is crafted using premium raw materials, ensuring strict adherence to specifications and superior quality. At SKU Pigments, we guarantee a consistent outcome without variations, maintaining precise control over quality and delta values. Our in-house laboratory follows BIS Standards, conducting over 50 standardized tests at each production stage.

We are committed to the best manufacturing practices, ensuring the production of unparalleled quality Ultramarine Blue pigment. Historically significant, Ultramarine pigments have symbolized holiness and humanity since the 6th century, revered for their natural extractions. This esteemed pigment was even used by Renaissance artists in their timeless masterpieces.

Choose SKU Pigments for Ultramarine Pigments that uphold the highest standards of quality, rooted in a rich history of craftsmanship and artistic expression. Our dedication to precision and excellence makes us a trusted provider in Ultramarine Blue pigments

Why Choose Shree Krishna Ultramarine Pigments (P) Limited?

Choose Shree Krishna Ultramarine Pigments (P) Limited for unmatched excellence. With a wealth of industry experience spanning over three decades, we ensure quality assurance, innovative solutions, and tailor-made pigment options to meet your diverse requirements.


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rinku garg
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vinayak jhanwar
Best experience best company with the best product range and quality which is commendable.
Abhishek Agrawal
Abhishek Agrawal
Ultramarine Blue Manufacturer, India
saummyaa pasricha
saummyaa pasricha
The colours i got from them are amazing. The company sent me 2-3 free samples of colors to work with.. the colors are very rich and intense if used properly.
Shilpa Goel
Shilpa Goel
SKU Pigment thank you for your services. I really loved the product quality and the quick response is really appreciated. I am really happy with your services and would highly recommend your services to my friends as well.
Ken Nath
Ken Nath
Very good company and very good products to relay on

Best Ultramarine Blue Pigment Manufacturers In India

The heightened demand for Ultramarine Blue color in industries emphasizes its industrial significance. When selecting an Ultramarine Pigment manufacturer in India, consider key factors. Ultramarine pigment’s coloration is linked to its chemical composition – alumino silicate with three sulfur atoms in sulfide or sulfate form, and the blue color originates from the unpaired S3- anion.

In the Ultramarine pigment category, natural Ultramarine Blue (lapis lazuli) stands out for its vivid hue due to an even particle size that orderly diffuses light. Synthetic Ultramarine color, though versatile, may be influenced by external factors like light, oil, or lime. However, it exhibits notable heat and alkali resistance.

Choosing the right Ultramarine Pigment manufacturer is crucial for industrial applications, requiring a balance between vivid color quality and resilience to external influences.

Ultramarine blue pigments

Established in 1988, SKU Pigments Private Limited is a distinguished Manufacturer and Exporter specializing in High-Performance Ultramarine Blue Pigments, Ultramarine Violet Pigments, Pigment Blue 29, and Pigment Violet 15. Our diverse product portfolio also encompasses Organic Gulal, Herbal Gulal, Auramine, Iron Oxides, Chrome Oxides, among others.

Renowned for their precision in pH value, purity, and skin-friendliness, our dyestuffs and pigments find extensive utilization across various industries. At SKU Pigments, we are committed to delivering top-notch Ultramarine Pigments that adhere to the highest standards of quality and performance.

Choose us for your pigment needs, and experience excellence in every hue.

How to Choose best quality Ultramarine Blue Pigment Manufacturer in India

When considering the purchase of top-quality pigments, it is crucial to prioritize certain key quality checks, including pH value, purity, and skin-friendliness. These stringent measures ensure that the pigment meets the highest standards, providing an exceptional blue color to elevate the final product’s competitiveness in the market.

At SKU Pigments, we go beyond meeting these quality benchmarks; we also offer competitive pricing within the industry. Our company’s cohesive capabilities and efficient resource utilization have positioned SKU Pigments as a global leader in the Pigment Industry across various sectors. We take pride in our esteemed reputation for delivering superior Ultramarine Blue pigments while upholding the highest ethical business standards.

Over years of maintaining a customer-centric approach, we have successfully built a substantial clientele both nationally and internationally. Feedback from our customers is highly valued, contributing to the continuous improvement of our existing range of Ultramarine Pigments. With almost two decades of expertise in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying dyestuffs and chemicals, SKU Pigments (P) Ltd. has earned recognition as the premier Ultramarine Blue Pigment Manufacturers in India.

Who are Ultramarine Blue Manufacturers in India

Today most of the companies also search Ultramarine Blue Manufacturers in India. So while searching for best manufacturer they mostly come across SKU Pigment (P) Ltd. It is so because they are in the industry since 1988. With their high quality customer service they have huge clientele globally.

They always use all latest technologies and best machinery along with the years of experience to manufacture this pigment. They are always able to meet the satisfaction level of their customers by using their high quality control checks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Ultramarine Blue Pigment is made using raw material such as are Clay, Soda Carbonate, Sodium Sulphate, Sulphur, Pitch and Silica. Its composition is mainly defined by these raw materials, but its tonality may be defined by formulation of these raw materials in specific volumes.

Ultramarine Blue Pigment is widely being used in high performance industrial like masterbatches, plastic compounding, HDPE, PVA, PP, Polyolefins, textiles for optical brightening, Inks and water dispersions, Cosmetics, children toys and many more. Due to high heat stability and inert chemical behavior this pigment is always high in demand.

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